India Info : Pak to extradite flight bombing plot accused

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pak to extradite flight bombing plot accused

November 16, 2007

Islamabad: Pakistan has initiated the process for extraditing Rashid Rauf, arrested last year for allegedly plotting to bomb trans-Atlantic flights, to Britain. The process was started following a request made by the British Government, said Tariq Pervez, Director General of the Federal Investigation Agency.

Rauf, a dual citizen of Britain and Pakistan, was arrested in Bhawalpur in connection with the terrorist plot in August 2006, a day before other arrests were made in Britain. Pervez told state-run APP news agency that Pakistan could extradite any prisoner at its discretion even though the country had no extradition treaty with Britain.

The extradition of Rauf would not take place "immediately" as the process had just got underway on the orders of the court, he said.