The Post : Judiciary, not polls, more important: Imran

Monday, November 26, 2007

Judiciary, not polls, more important: Imran

November 26, 2007

ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan, head of the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, has appealed to all politicians to show maturity at the political front as the judiciary, for the first time in national history, makes a sacrifice for the rule of law as well as democracy.

Indulging in the political issues before the restoration of judiciary, it could be disastrous and the judges issue especially sacrifices could be disappeared from the current scenario, he told a private news channel on Sunday. "Submitting nomination papers is equal to accepting the Provisional Constitutional Order and the deposing of the judiciary," he said. "If all opposition parties are participating in the so-called elections, PTI will stand on its decision of boycotting the polls," he added.

The cricketer-turned politician said that the game plan of holding the general elections under the state of emergency was ready, and the caretaker administration was a part of that plan.