DNA : The deal which brought Sharif back on Pak soil

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The deal which brought Sharif back on Pak soil

Sharif promises King Abdullah that he won’t use politics of agitation against Pervez Musharraf

by Amir Mir | November 25, 2007

LAHORE: Having spent seven years in exile, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif returned to Pakistan on Sunday evening, but not without striking a deal with the Musharraf regime through the good offices of Saudi King, Abdullah. The deal states that Sharif would not resort to politics of agitation to overthrow Musharraf — his arch rival, who had toppled Sharif’s government in October 1999 and sent him into forced exile.

According to highly-placed insiders in the Sharif-led Pakistan Muslim League, before being allowed to return home with Royal protocol, Sharif had given a commitment to King Abdullah that he won’t confront Musharraf. Sharif, however, wanted to ensure that Musharraf does not reopen the pending cases against him or tries to stop him from contesting the elections.

According to government sources, the deal between Sharif and the Musharraf regime involves the restoration of Sharif’s business interests in Pakistan and his Model Town residence, which was confiscated by the regime.

A Sharif family source said that during his meeting with Sharif on Saturday, King Abdullah recited some verses from the Quran, while urging Sharif to contribute for the well-being of Pakistan. The king not only asked the Pakistan government to take care of his security, but also gifted a bullet-proof car to the former Pakistan prime minister.