The News: Rashid—wanted by Britain—flees from police custody

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Rashid—wanted by Britain—flees from police custody

December 15, 2007

RAWALPINDI: Rashid Rauf who is wanted by British government has fled the police custody on Saturday.

According to sources, Rashid Rauf is wanted in transatlantic aircraft bomb plot 2006 in Britain.

Earlier, Rashid Rauf was brought from Adiala Jail to Islamabad for hearing at a court, where his extradition case was being heard. Two policemen were accompanying the accused when he fled their custody.

Police high-ups arrived at Margala police station here and verified the news regarding the absconding accused.

The policemen posted for the security of the accused are being interrogated. They have been apprehended on the charge of abetting Rashid Rauf.