The Acorn (India) : Weekday Squib: How Rauf escaped

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Weekday Squib: How Rauf escaped

December 18, 2007

Please make it more believable!

When it was time to take Rashid Rauf back to Adiala jail after his court appearance, his uncle convinced the policemen on duty to use his comfortable car for the journey, instead of the usual police van. They stopped at a fast food restaurant along the way. And then allowed Rauf and his uncle to pray at a mosque while they waited in the car outside. After twenty minutes had passed, the policemen went in to see what was taking Rauf so long. And found that uncle and handcuffed nephew had slipped out through the back door.

Quite a lot to swallow. Especially when Rauf’s lawyer says the uncle could not have been in the mosque because he was away in the Kashmir region.

They’ve formed a team to investigate how all this happened. They are also saying that “at this time it is impossible to tell if Rashid Rauf is in Pakistan” and dropping hints that “it would be such a terrible thing” if he were to head for the North West Frontier Province and then on to Afghanistan.

One can understand that why the ISI should want to spirit him away. But taking the plot from Bollywood comedies is just too much.