The Post : Benazir ready to bury differences with Nawaz

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Benazir ready to bury differences with Nawaz

December 20, 2007

NAWABSHAH: PPP Chairperson Benazir Bhutto has said her differences with Nawaz Sharif are now a thing of the past and she will work jointly with PML-N Chief for restoration of democracy in the country.

"I will bury all the differences with Nawaz Sharif and work jointly with him for revival of democratic process in the country. I will strive in unison with Nawaz Sharif after elections that journey to democracy should continue uninterrupted. Differences with Nawaz Sharif are now thing of past. Our political ideologies are diverse and differences are there but we are united to save the country and restore democracy in the country", she said this while addressing a public meeting here on Wednesday. "People criticise us that we will stage demonstrations against each other. We will not engage in any conflict against each other", she added. She questioned how the master mind of London plane plot case Rashid Rauf escaped. He escaped because uniform was not being used for the sake of nation and it was being used to make the parties, she added.

Without naming PML-Q she said they are political orphans. PML-Q wanted emergency not to be lifted from the country and President Musharraf should be re-elected in uniform. But they failed in their designs. President delivered his promise. Emergency was lifted. Now president and army chief were working separately, she added.

People will foil rigging plan at every cost, she said adding people will chase ballot boxes on January 8. President Musharraf had promised us that elections would be held in transparent manner, she pointed out.