Webster G. Tarpley : Comment On WMR's "Air Force refused to fly weapons to Middle East theater"

Friday, October 19, 2007

The events described [here] by the courageous investigative journalist Wayne Madsen constitute an unquestionable lunge by the Cheney clique towards a nuclear sneak attack on Iran, and thus towards world war, all just a few weeks ago. The Cheney clique was apparently stopped by military personnel loyal to the constitution who refused to carry out an illegal order, an issue explicitly discussed in the Kennbunkport Warning, which had been issued a few days before these critical events.

Note that half a dozen people associated with the Minot and Barksdale Air Force bases have died in mysterious circumstances over the last few months.

Note also that at least one nuclear-armed cruise missile remains unaccounted for, leaving the door wide open to the classic Cheney doctrine: a nuclear detonation in an American city arranged by the Cheney faction, to be blamed on Iran.

So far no presidential candidate of either party has denounced or exposed or even mentioned these events, nor has any called for the imperative and immediate high-profile congressional investigation. This task now falls to the growing people's candidate movement, already in the field in many states.

The events treated here occurred on August 29-30. The Kennbunkport Warning was issued late in the evening of August 26. As the massive evidence keeps rolling in, the Kennebunkport Warning continues to grow in authority. Its leading detractors are increasingly revealed as dupes or shills of the US intelligence community and the associated foundations. The Kennebunkport Warning remains the only visible rallying point for people and organizations of good will who want to mobilize to stop aggression and catastrophe for the US and the world. Support the Kennebunkport Warning at actindependent.org.