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Friday, October 19, 2007

The US military stand between us and martial law

from comment at my other blog | October 14, 2007

With extensive research, you will find that the removal from storage (Minot AFB) and the transport of nuclear weapons to (Barksdale AFB) involves presidential involvement. For nuclear tipped missiles to be mounted into launch position on a combat platform (B-52) the D.O.D custody regulations require a signature from the White House.

Media reports said it was a series of unfortunate "mistakes."

Research reveals the impossibility of five different two to four star generals signing off on a mistaken shipment of 50 kiloton+ stealth cruise missiles.

The "event" is one issue that has been widely discussed. The ONLY important issue that came out of the fiasco is this, The Military Times is run by Gannett. I am old so I know some big shots in the newspaper business. It is a violation of a litany of national security regulations to release a story involving "treaty regulated" transport of nuclear weapons. It is NOT done. The first publication to carry the report was the Military Times, from there it spread to the wire services. THIS IS NEVER DONE. This was a private "family matter" that would be released years from now.

The flight officer at Minot AFB knew he had just released a flight with live nukes. The flight officer at Barksdale AFB knew he was in receipt of a flight live nukes. What happened next?

A two star general responsible for the AF region got a phone call. This "general" arranged for two "unnamed" officers to "report" the incident to Gannett and we are off to the races.

Keep in mind the next step. The Military Times cannot print ANYTHING without it being vetted by an officer. Either a full colonel or a brigadier. With a review of this post you will find that no fewer than four generals were involved in the order to get the missiles mounted on the B52 and no fewer than three in ANNOUNCING the event to the world.

This is mutiny. This is brass against brass. The senior officer who vetted the story for release knew he was "covered" by still higher ups [...] The Military Times, a division of Gannett media group, was ORDERED to release the story of the B-52 Nukes. Somebody from Washington DC with many stars gave that order. Somebody with so much juice that they knew they would survive.

The cabal is not popular with the US military. I will suggest that this is hope and that hope is good. The US military are what stand between us and martial law. Every officer signs his commission with the statement to uphold the US constitution. What if most of them do?