The News (Pakistan) : Nine dead in Gharo bus incident

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Nine dead in Gharo bus incident

By our correspondent | April 11, 2008

Karachi At least nine dead and 15 injured pilgrims of the Gharo bus incident were brought to the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) on Thursday. According to police and sources at the JPMC, a bus carrying pilgrims from Korangi area collided with a speeding dumper coming from the opposite direction, five kilometers off Gharo. Nine pilgrims including seven women died on the spot while 15 others were badly injured. The bodies of the deceased were taken to the Gharo Rural Health Centre by the local people. At the JPMC, the situation saw several relatives of the injured in a panic stricken state. The emergency ward was cordoned off for the media, and in-charge of the Emergency Ward, Dr Seemin Jamali, refused to allow anyone inside for coverage. All relatives of the victims, however, were allowed as they crowded inside the emergency ward. A hue and cry was raised in the middle, as a family saw their relative fade to death and the children of the deceased started sobbing loudly outside the ward. The names of the deceased include: Shabana d/o Shah Furqan, Falak Naz w/o Shah Furqan, Rashid s/o Abdul Rauf, Hajir s/o Abdul Rauf, Rashid s/o Rasheed, Fatima, Shahida, Asim and Rimsha. While the names of the injured include: Abdul Aziz, Khushnoodi Begum, Umair, 17, Salman, 15, Razia, 40, Sana, 10, Shakeela, 20, Parveen, 38, Nur Jahan, 49, Naseema, 35, Zareena, 35, Laeeq-un-Nisa, 50, Zaryab Sahar, 20, Nataila, 4 and Abdul Lateef, 50.