Times of India : Attack shows jihadis in open war with Mush

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Attack shows jihadis in open war with Mush

Indrani Bagchi | TNN | October 20, 2007

NEW DELHI: As Pakistan suffered its version of 9/11 on Thursday night, with almost 139 dead in a severe terror attack, through the debris of devastation, several realities are coming into sharp focus.

For one, Pakistan’s monster, the Islamist jihadi network or Pakistan Taliban as they are known, are now in virtually open warfare against the state, which they perceive to be acting on a western agenda. The Pakistan government blamed Islamist jihadis for the attacks though nobody claimed responsibility.

India has showed itself to be on Benazir Bhutto’s side. Making a statement to Benazir, delivered to her by Indian high commissioner Satyabrata Pal, India said, “Terrorism is a common challenge to all of us in South Asia. We look forward to working with you to defeat terrorism in all its forms.”

It’s a statement that came in for sharp criticism. Former diplomat G Parthasarathy said the choice of words was “unfortunate”. “These are words used for government leaders and not opposition leaders,” he said. Others wondered whether India was anticipating a Benazir prime ministership when the Pakistan constitution is yet to allow her to be one.

Separately, condemning the Karachi blasts, the MEA said, “It is reprehensible that senior political figures are targeted in this way with such loss of innocent life. The spectre of terrorism confronting our region requires strong and determined action by all our governments.”

At least for a week now, senior politicians in Pakistan have warned she would be targeted by Taliban-Al-Qaida elements. But it’s not merely Taliban-Al-Qaida who want her dead. Taliban oppose her because she comes with a pro-western agenda, is a woman and has promised to let the US hunt for Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

There are others who oppose her for promising to deliver A Q Khan to the IAEA for questioning and give up international bad guy Dawood Ibrahim, whose city, like Benazir’s, is Karachi.