Online News (Pakistan) : Rashid Rauf’s wife demands Govt to hand over dead body

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Rashid Rauf’s wife demands Govt to hand over dead body

November 23, 2008

PESHAWAR: Rashid Rauf's wife Umat-ul-Warood has urged Government to hand over dead body of her husband for burial, who died during a American drone attack on Saturday.

Sources informed here on Sunday, that the kin of Rashid Rauf (a Proclaimed Offender of London plane conspiracy case) arrived in Peshawar from Bahawalpur to receive the dead body.

On the other hand, Government sources has expressed their ignorance relating to the arrival of Rashid Rauf's relative to collect his dead body.

It was also noted that Rashid Rauf was residing in C-Block of model town Bahawalpur and his other relatives were also residing in Bahawalpur and Azad Kashmir. He has two daughters Nisbah Fatima of 2 years and Saleh Khalid of 3 years respectively

It is worth-while mentioning here that Rashid Rauf the suspected ringleader of a 2006 plot to blow up trans-atlantic airliners using liquid explosives by using liquid explosive was among the 5 who were killed in a another missile [strike] by US drones in North Waziristan on Saturday.