Press TV : Private security firms ravaging Iraq

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Private security firms ravaging Iraq

August 23, 2008

Iraq's Defense Ministry spokesman Lt. Gen. Mohammad al-Askari says western security firms are behind the upsurge of violence in his country.

Al-Askari said the security firms are working on behalf of intelligence agencies in some countries that see Iraq's stability as being against their strategic interests.

The Iraqi official would not name any states but noted that the security firms have recruited thousands of volunteers mainly from North African Arab countries and have deployed them in Iraq.

“Once trained to carry out special violent actions they are sent to Iraq to execute their plans,” Askari said.

The Iraqi official added that a new class of foreign fighters has emerged in Iraq which includes many detainees who have admitted to being trained in Europe by specialized security firms and then being sent to Iraq "to kill Iraqis and cause further insecurity."

“I am certain about the information I have and I believe that there are now some 2,000 such fighters in the country,” he said.

Al-Askari said these fighters are tasked with assassinating top Iraqi figures including scientists and university professors.